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Advantis has been in the remote monitoring and control (RMC) business since 2005. We design, manufacture, program, and host our applications in various markets, thus providing an end-to-end solution. An example application can be as simple as monitoring the liquid level in a tank. A more complex application may be monitoring oil/gas well sites for various flows and liquid levels with the added ability to turn equipment on/off from a smartphone.
Advantis provides an end-to-end solution for remote monitoring starting with field hardware that connects to sensors that capture information. It ends with a Web application on a server that allows access via desktop or smartphone to display that information.​
The field hardware is designed and built (contract manufacturer) by Advantis. The hardware is scalable to meet varied needs of customers from multiple sensors.
The Advantis Development Platform for Web applications is both flexible and scalable. This allows Advantis to provide a cost-effective solution for screen presentation while also providing a robust database to store the data.

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