Advantis Monitoring System (AMS)

Field Computers

Advantis has several applications active in the market supported by this hardware.​

PumpScout II

PumpScout II is our newest hardware for monitoring pumps. It is fully integrated into one circuit board that can be mounted inside customer cabinets or in an enclosure.


The SM3 is a single device that can be used throughout a wellsite, processing facility, or refinery. It is the size of shoe box with a self-contained battery and solar panel – there is nothing else like it on the market. It is rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to operate in explosive areas. It significantly lowers installation and maintenance costs. With various instrument connections, the SM3 can be programmed to handle other opportunities without redesign.​


This is a less expensive device to build and has most of the same features as SM3. SM5 is used to monitor tanks and other equipment in non-explosive environments. It is also useful for other opportunities that may come up requiring little programing to meet customer need. SM5 will be used to replace the existing PumpScout design.​

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