Advantis Monitoring System (AMS)

What is AMS?

AMS Unit

The Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) is one system providing many solutions and is a wireless M2M solution. The system includes AMS units in the field, communication, and web application. AMS units are designed to be an energy-efficient, wireless, and an intrinsically safe solution to meet all types of monitoring needs—including explosive and harsh environments This solutions does not require an Intrinsically Safe Barrier. Information gathered from remote, local, or mobile sources makes its way to the Advantis Web Application in the cloud which can be viewed by computer and smart phone. It can also integrate into specific customer applications. Each unit has a very efficient power management system (battery/solar) that can be scaled as needed. The slots (see picture) accept small circuit boards as needed to communicate with instruments. A custom board for your unique solution can quickly by created as AMS already manages power, data flow, and communication. Current circuit boards are:

  • Serial
  • Analog
  • Digital
  • GPS
  • 1-Wire
  • Verizon Modem

How does AMS work?

Each unit can collect data, communicate, or act as a repeater. This allows for a whole area (about the size of a football field) to become a mini-wireless network—collecting data or controlling equipment. AMS can also include a Site Manager allowing for an even more robust solution.

What are the benefits of using AMS?

The design includes:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Programming logic unique to needs
  • Varied communication (via cellular, satellite, ethernet, and custom radio)
  • Mini custom circuit boards meeting specific needs
  • Intrinsic safety (placement in explosion-rated areas)
  • Harsh environment (materials to operate in most chemicals available)
  • Secure, cloud-based data transfer

AMS becomes especially useful for environmental monitoring in explosive rated areas like production sites and refineries. Typical installations require integration of various vendors causing complexities. AMS is a single vendor solution!

Who is AMS for?

  • Oil/Gas production sites
  • All tanks – fixed/mobile, local/remote, explosive/harsh
  • Municipal
  • Environmental
  • Refineries
  • Agricultural
  • Remote control

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