IBC & IMO Containers

IBC and IMO containers are mobile tanks transported on trailers to different sites. Customers typically want to know ‘where is my tank?’ and ‘how much is in it?’ The Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) can report tank levels daily or hourly and send alarm notifications as needed. An AMS sensor can easily be installed internally through one of the opening at the top of the tank or to a port at the bottom of the tank. This can be done by maintenance personnel not requiring expense electricians. Installation is less than an hour.


Rail Car Tankers - Tank Level Monitoring

No more lost rail cars. No more debate about the level of liquid in the car. Rail car tankers are tanks “on wheels” which can be monitored by the AMS system with the added benefit of GPS. The system installs by maintenance personnel and does not require any welding or major tank modifications. A typical installation may have the location and tank level reported every day or every hour depending on need. The sensor is built with materials to withstand even the most harsh chemicals.
Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) can be deployed as a temporary monitoring system on rail cars that are used for temporary storage tanks in production/process. Simply remove the sensor when the rail car is empty and reinstall on the new rail car that is full. This can be done in minutes not hours.
Low cost leasing allows you to start using AMS today.


Barge Tanks - Tank Gauging System

A barge is much like a floating tank terminal. Large volumes of liquids are moved by barge, thus a high value transport. Knowing where the barge is located as well as tank levels is critical to the owner/operator. Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) can report location and tank levels as scheduled by the owner.
The AMS sensor installs in each tank, up to 8 tanks per AMS unit, with the sensor cable terminated at the AMS unit. The AMS unit uses a Verizon modem (or satellite) to wirelessly communicate to the secure Web Application. Measures to 1/8” resolution.
SPECIAL NOTE: Many barges park at terminals that require expensive explosion proof equipment. AMS is Intrinsically Safe and permitted to operate with significantly less cost.
Low cost leasing allows you to start using AMS today.


Saltwater Hauling

Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) tracks volume and location for each truck as it loads or unloads salt water. It easily installs on the tank trailer. When the trailer stops moving the system starts measuring the liquid level. This keeps up with both loading and unloading, allowing the operator to know where the trailer is located and also how much salt water it loaded or unloaded. Truck locations from the on-board GPS pinpoint where the water is coming from and where it is going. As environmental regulations for moving salt water increase, this cost effective solution will meet the demand.
Low cost leasing allows you to start using AMS today.