PumpScout - Lift/Pump Station Monitoring

PumpScout and the Web application that comes with it brings peace of mind to you, the wastewater or fresh water operator. It informs you immediately of any alarms (high level, breaker trip, pump failure, and loss of power to name a few) via text or email. It also sends to the web app operational information like pump run times, number of starts, and average amps for the motors. You can sign-in to the web app and access all information about each lift/pump station.

PumpScout comes in three levels: Cub, Cub+, and Explorer (See Features Comparison Table). The Cub is entry level whereas the Explorer has additional monitoring capability.  PumpScout uses a combination of current sensors and relays to capture large amounts of information about how your pump station is performing. PumpScout communicates via cellular (Verizon).


GeneratorScout - Generator Monitoring

The Generator Scout is another reliable product from the PumpScout family. It uses the same proven hardware and web application but is programmed specifically to meet the needs for Generator Monitoring. It is simple to install yet has flexibility for the user to choose what alarms are important to them. Alarms are immediate and can be sent to email and text on phone. Daily reports capture operational information like run time. The unit is standard with 6 Digital in and 3 Analog in.


Emergency Siren Monitor

This monitoring system brings new life to the old manual or radio controlled emergency siren or warning systems. Within two hours of installation, sirens can be turned on/off using a cell phone. The Web application captures all alarms as well as operational information. Alarms such as ‘loss of power’ go directly to your cell phone.