Salt Water & Oil Production - Tank Gauging System

Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) uses its own pressure sensor to measure liquid level to 1/8” resolution. The sensors can be lowered to the bottom of the tank through a 2” opening at the top or screwed onto a port at the bottom of the tank. Wires are terminated on the AMS unit.
The AMS unit has a self-contained battery/solar panel and can mount in a convenient location. A typical install for three tanks takes about two hours and can be done with general maintenance employees. There can be up to 8 tanks per AMS unit.


Thief Hatch Monitoring & Internal Tank Pressure Monitoring

Thief Hatch Monitoring has become a major environmental concern. The Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) will monitor for Open, Closed, and Latched status. Installing AMS on a tank is done in less than an hour. The alarm is immediate so the local personnel can correct the issue before leaving the site. All events are recorded providing a full audit trail of Thief Hatch events.
Tanks can become over pressured causing the pop value on the Thief Hatch to allow vapors to exit the tank causing an environmental exception. AMS can just as easily monitor internal tank pressure as it does tank level. Tank pressure can be reported on a schedule and have an immediate alarm for over pressure. The sensor installs through a 2” opening on the top of the tank.
NOTE: Tank Thief Hatch Monitoring, Pressure, and Level can all be monitored using the same AMS unit.


Support Tanks - Tank Level Monitoring

The support tanks can be monitored together with the compressor to notify the lubricant supplier to fill the tanks. The sensor can be installed internally through an opening on top of the tank or externally on a port at the bottom of the tank by maintenance personnel not requiring expensive electricians. Level has a resolution of 1/8”. Low cost leasing allows you to start using Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) today.
Combining monitoring of compressors and support tanks together (AMS System) can significantly reduce costs and also bring added benefits to the end customer.



Support Tanks - Tank Level Monitoring

Many wells have chemical tanks to inject chemicals to enhance production and reduce corrosion. Often methanol is injected into pipelines to reduce freezing. Injection pumps fail resulting in corrosion build up and thus effecting long term production. Monitoring and alarming will allow vendors to cost effectively deliver chemicals to the sites. Vendors can also give access to production companies to use the Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) Web App to look at daily usages. AMS can quickly install on the tank using maintenance employees without expensive electricians.



Compressors are used to enhance production. If the compressor is down then production suffers. Advantis Monitoring System (AMS) can easily be installed on the compressor to notify when the compressor goes down. AMS can be setup to monitor and report from simple to complex.
Combining monitoring of compressors and support tanks together can significantly reduce costs and also bring added benefits to the end customer.